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Let Us Do The Work For You & Allow Your Money To Make You Money

Simplicity is key and we wanted to make this investment opportunity as simple as possible. With our experienced traders, you are able to pick a package and allow us to trade at higher number and pay you back daily interest. this makes it a win win for us all.

Our Company

Here at Bitcoin Sniper we want to help every single individual and/or company gain a great ROI in the shortest period of time. Not only do we want to return as much as we can but still make it beneficial for us all.

We are a team of experienced traders, businessmen/business women and entrepreuners. We collectively gained exceptional experience in stocks, binary options, forex and now crypto-currencies. As we see the power of crypto-currency and how it is going to be a huge part of years to come, we have decided to start Bitcoin Sniper. Out of stocks, binary options and forex, nothing brings in gains as large as crypto-currency in a short period of time.

Our goal is to raise enough capital in trading and within the first year, start a mining facility to guarantee longevity of our company. With trading there are always risk of lost and we want to minimize all risk to make sure we will always be able to pay out daily to our investors. With mining, all we need is the equipment and location to produce Bitcoin and there is no risk of loss.

We are able to pay out such high daily interest because with some crypto-currencies, there are daily gains of over 100%. Very huge gains makes it possible for us to payout high daily interest. We know such high payouts will not last for years. With that being said, we will eventually lower our daily payouts to smaller percentages but everyone that picked a package and invested prior would be grandfathered in until their plan has completed. Mining is more reliable but VERY slow. We are confident is being able to earn profits from trading as we already do very well but with investors, we are able to trade with larger volumes to reach our goal faster. We also create a way for you all to multiple your bitcoin and double it as fast as 15 days. You can double your Bitcoin even faster with our referral program.



Simply click the “Sign Up” button at the top right to become a member on the registration page.


Log in to your account and go to the deposit page to pick a bitcoin package & start investing.


Select the plan of your choice then select the coin you will like to use  and enter the deposit amount.


We do all the hard work so you can just sit back and wait for the profit to appear on your account.

Our Features

Bank level security

Our Comodo EV SSL Certificate guarantees all your details and secure them

DDOS Secured

Bitcoin Sniper uses the strongest dedicated servers with high level protection

24/7 Support Team

Ask us about anything you don`t understand, our support team will glad to help you

Bronze Package


Daily for 60 Days

Instant Withdrawal

ROI In 34 Days

.001 – .25 btc

Copper Package


Daily for 45 Days

Instant withdrawal

ROI In 20 Days

.26 – .1 btc

Gold Package


Daily for 30 Days

Instant withdrawal

ROI In 15 Days

1.001 – 5 btc

5% Referral
Commission On Lvl 1

1% Referral
Commission On
Lvl 2