Bitcoin Packages

Investment Plans

We have decided to create 3 bitcoin investment packages for our investors. With the packages available, you are able to earn a DAILY percentage of your investment. It’s very possible for us to be able to pay these high percentages out to you due to the volatility of crypto-currency. These percentages are temporary as we will not be able to keep them this high along with our affiliate offer. So if you are reading this and we have not lowered the daily percentages yet, you are in GREAT TIMING. Anyone that gets their packages now will be grandfathered in at that percentage. Get in now and earn big and don’t forget, Bitcoin is going up in value so you will be making a lot more back than your investment.

Bronze Package


Daily for 60 Days

Instant Withdrawal

ROI In 34 Days

.001 – .25 btc

Copper Package


Daily for 45 Days

Instant withdrawal

ROI In 20 Days

.26 – .1 btc

Gold Package


Daily for 30 Days

Instant withdrawal

ROI In 15 Days

1.001 – 5 btc